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開口銷 · 扣環 · 連接銷 · 彈簧銷 · 墊圈

Dowel Pins


SCM 415, 435 Alloy Steel

SAE  1008~1060   Steel

#304, 316   Stainless Steel




Dia. 1.6mm~25mm       Length  5mm~200mm

Dia.  1/16”~1-1/4”        Length  5/8”~8”


ANSI B 18.8.2.      ISO 2338, 8734

DIN 6325, 7


Dowel Pins have many types due to the chamfer difference.  The chamfer ends can be both R(Radius) type or both C type or one ends with C and the other end with R.  Some others also have rounded ends.  It depends on the standard accorded and application request.

For the body diameter, there are also many different of the standard series and over size series.  Normally, the dia. tolerence can be smaller from +/-0.0001” to +/-0.001” bigger.

AS for the hole to be installed.  It’s very hard to determine the hole dimension tolerence.  It may depend on the pins and assembling material hardness.  How tightness of fitting hole is also very important.


3D View

2D View

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