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開口銷 · 扣環 · 連接銷 · 彈簧銷 · 墊圈

Internal Toothed Washers---AW


Spring Steel---C1050~C1065

Stainless steel---#304、#420


Zinc plated, Black Oxide, Zinc
Yellow plated, Plain.

Shape and Dimension

(1) The shape of tooth, twist angle and width of rim are optional; these shall be uniform and the root of tooth shall be rounded as appropriate.

(2) The teeth of the washer shall be projected uniformly from both sides.
(3) The washers shall be free from remarkable deflection and eccentricity.
(4) Basic dimension d. from 2mm to 24mm.


 Small packing and Bulk.

Standard Reference

JIS B 1255, ANSI B 18. 21. 1

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